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the rules are simple

No previews

15 minutes


One Champion

Every contestant receives a designed layout that they must replicate with HTML and CSS. All assets are provided. No iframes, frameworks, or other outside assets are allowed. Previews of the results are strictly forbidden until the fifteen minute time is over. Each contestant's result will then be revealed to the audience, and the audience votes on their favorite.

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A Friendly Competition

The contestants of each heat compete, 8 at a time, with equipment provided and set up for you.

Everyone is Welcome

You don't have to be compete to have fun at Code in the Dark. Audience members get to text in their votes for who should move forward in each round! It's kind of like American Idol, but cooler.

Try it Online

Curious about competing? Get familiarized with the online editor before the event so there are no surprises.

Believe in yourself

Photography by Cody Schroeder and TAG Photography

Code of Conduct

We're committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for everyone to learn, meet, and enjoy the event. All organizers, attendees, speakers and sponsors must follow the Code of Conduct.