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2021 Event Canceled!

Code in the Dark is a front-end (HTML, CSS) competition, originating from a small development group in Europe, where each contestant competes to implement a website design given only a screenshot. The catch is that no previews of the results are allowed during the implementation, and no measuring tools can be used. After 15 minutes, the results are viewed by everyone all at once, and the winner is decided by the audience.

This is the only party/competition in the PNW, it's open to the public, and FREE.

While we are excited about the next Code in the Dark, circumstances surrounding the global pandemic have forced us to cancel events for the forseeable future. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Friendly Competition

A Friendly Competition

Contestants compete in groups of 8-10 at a time, cheered on by the crowd, on machines with a special Code in the Dark editor. It's tough, fun, and the crowd adds a new dimension to front-end development.

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Fun Vibe

Yeah! This is more than a programming competition. It's a party with DJs, lights, effects, etc. You can bring your friends and they'll have a good time.

Food, drinks and Fun!

Everyone is Welcome

You don't have to compete to have fun at Code in the Dark. Audience members get to text in their votes for who should move forward in each round! It's kind of like American Idol, but cooler.

Past Event Highlights

Photography by Cody Schroeder and TAG Photography

How it Works

Each contestant receives a screenshot. They build the page design using HTML/CSS. Any additional assets they might need are provided. No iframes, frameworks, snippets, or external assets. Previews of the results are UNDEFINED until the time is up.

Once the 15 minute timer runs out each contestant presents their result to the audience, who vote via SMS on their favorite.

No Previews
No Previews
15 Minutes
15 Minute Rounds
One Champion
One Champion

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